​INSTRUCTIONS – please also watch tutorial video at www.NewCableUSA.com


1. Welcome and thanks for trying the newest and greatest cable company in the World! And remember that extra hdmi cords and power cords should be purchased anywhere for use on multiple tvs or to move around a lot. And if you have a keyboard or purchased on please insert its usb dongle/chip into one of the usb ports on back of 4k cable box

2. Using all of the cords in the box please hook up the new 4k cable box to tv. Now press the power button on 4k box next to red light. The light will turn blue meaning its “ON”. Don’t forget to change TV’s input/source if needed.

3. Now its time to hook up wifi. Go to SETTINGS then choose and select NETWORK or WIFI. Now select your router and enter password. If password is correct it will now say CONNECTED. If entered incorrectly it will say either SAVED, SECURED, or AUTHENTICATION PROBLEM.

4. Now go back to home screen as its almost ready. The first icon is live tv and on demand. This is where live channels and one on demand section. The second ion is called Secondary Search and is your other on demand section. Lets get the live tv set up

5. Open “LIVE TV & ON DEMAND” and first time users will see a blue screen that says “contact your provider”. And non new users will see a black screen that says authentication error. You get this every time you move the device or turn it off. Simply “RELOAD PORTAL’ to fix.

HERES HOW. On this blue or black screen you must use mouse and move it near top right of screen. Now double tap/click. A bunch of stuff and icon will appear. We need the menu icon near top left near word Epictv. Its 3 short lines stacked. Click this and them use mouse to click the 3rd line down that says reload portal. Once live tv loads simply hit the ok button or back button to bring up the guide. From here you can select different guides by hitting left arrow. Don’t forget to watch tutorial video on this part.

6. Back to home screen the second icon is SECONDARY SEARCH from here you can search almost any movie or tv show. Select and open SECONDARY SEARCH. From here anytime you see an ad pop up simply hit the back button to close it. Now the top left of this screen is another menu icon. Click it to select movies or tv shows. And then you can scroll or search through. To search you must use the mouse to click the search bar at top. If keyboard doesn’t pop up on screen then use mouse to click it again. Now using your keyboard or keyboard on screen type in whatever and then stop!!! You must now move the mouse/curser to the blue magnifying glass on the “on-screen” keyboard and click the curser button or the mouse pad. But either way it’s a mouse click and not the ok button unless using basic remote that came with device.

7. This device works anywhere and on almost any internet speed no matter how low so feel free to use our tutorial videos online or our tech support staff to get your device working to your liking and standards. If you have any issues what so ever please feel free to call or text me at 754-900-7269.