Video on how to update your system

Watch any movie from your living room without any costs. Even if the movie is still in the theater. No longer the need for DVD's or DVR's.

Pay for TV service monthly? NO!

Pay to watch a movie?  NO WAY!

​Make Sure To Watch Video

​Delete Kodi Custom Installer

Our product is equipped with the latest Android platform and Google Play. Download your favorite apps. Use Facebook or Twitter on your TV.  You can even plug in a camera and Skype from your TV.

Movies, TV shows and sports for FREE? We say YES!


April 4th, 2017   4-4-2017

This update is for Rboxtv customers who purchased between the dates of

January 2015 & April 3rd, 2017 

Pay for a smart TV?  NO NEED!

Watch live TV Shows or watch any episode of any season of any show ever broadcast. New or old. Sports are all here too. They are all available with NO FEES.